Vertacyn Arc Materializer

Psychedelic art-rock band Vertacyn Arc Materializer is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of Earth (Sol III, Terra, C-53). The anxiety of Talking Heads, the despondent drones of Flipper, the awkward electronica of Radiohead, the parallel-universe insanity of Butthole Surfers. Live shows include narrated kodachrome slide projector presentations and beaten trash can lids superposed with stressful pop hooks and vanishingly quiet chaos.


"You need this boldly zany uniqueness much more than you know – you’re welcome for the introduction."

"Like everything else in this's all just far too cool for words. But of course, packaging and a sense of humor only go so far in terms of entertainment...because music is what it's all about. And that's probably the biggest surprise here. This band's music is really, really, REALLY interesting and different. Difficult to categorize. This release is a good example of creativity in overdrive."

"It is pop, that’s for sure. But it is pop built out of all manner of sounds and styles which really have no business hanging out together, But it works. By god, it works."

"The eight tracks here are like nothing you've ever heard before; the album a unique listening experience that will draw you in with the stunning clarity and crispness of its production and keep you hanging in until the final note with its oddness and surprises."

"You’ll find yourself caught up in the eccentric vibe and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen."

"This ride has no brakes, no stops, and gives you the experience of a sweet chaotic chorus as it hits right on the nerve."

"Between its musical and artistic design (the album’s cover beautifully cross-wires pop art with post modernism), album is a strange and wholly unique creature – but one which proves itself to be an unlikely but remarkable document which demands appreciation from those who chance to understand it."

"This mind bending/mind blowing stuff takes you to the other side of places you've only heard in dreams."

"“Nicotine Chewing Gum” revels in the kaleidoscopic array of bright bursts of colors, showing off the impeccable songcraft of Vertacyn Arc Materializer." beachsloth